Alumni Network

Greetings Students, Alumni, Faculty, Staff, and Friends of BGU!

In 2018, Brad Smith had an epiphany. BGU (formerly NWGS) has been around since 1990 and we’ve graduated hundreds (getting close to thousands!) of students since then. Our students (and our graduates) have a heart for mission and ministry. However, with all those students and graduates, it dawned on us that BGU didn’t have an Alumni Association that could offer camaraderie and support to both graduates and the school itself.

With that epiphany behind us, wheels were put into motion. Conversations were had. Interest was measured. Surveys were taken. Ideas bounced around. And a vision emerged. In October 2018, a team of graduates, faculty, and staff got together and began to make plans to launch a BGU Alumni Association. There were lots of ideas and a good bit of excitement was generated. As a result of both prayer and conversation, the founding team created a tentative Purpose Statement to guide them through the process.


The BGU Alumni Association provides an ongoing connection with BGU graduates in order to:

  1. Seek avenues for BGU Alumni to help BGU accomplish its mission through recruiting, fundraising, marketing, teaching courses and/or certificates, student advising and mentoring, extending BGU’s influence, and story-gathering and dissemination of the global work of BGU graduates.

  2. Develop growing camaraderie, deepening relationships, social opportunities, and personal ownership in the identity and mission of the BGU network.

  3. Provide platforms for service and avenues for strategic partnerships for BGU Alumni within the BGU Network.

  4. Create life-long learning opportunities for BGU Alumni.

  5. Keep BGU’s academic program relevant and updated through providing avenues for BGU Alumni to have significant input into BGU’s degrees and non-degree programs.

Like all alumni associations, there are two key components to what we expect to accomplish. First, there is service to the school. Part of our task will be to support BGU’s mission by getting the word out about our programs and, of course, part of our task will be to help the school financially by raising both funds and awareness. The second key component is to provide both camaraderie and support for our alum. 

The Alumni section of the BGU website has been developed to be a clearinghouse for all things BGU Alum and we hope you'll take the time to peruse it and, if you're an alum, update your bio with our handy online form. In addition, we hope you'll join our BGU Alumni Group on Linked In. You can request an invitation to the group by Clicking Here.

Alumni Council

The Alumni Council was formed in 2018 to create, manage, and promote the Bakke Graduate University's Alumni Network and Alumni Events. We regularly meet virtually to strategize whatever's coming up next. If you're an alum and would like to be a part of the council, please let us know. We're always looking for committed members to help us get the word out about BGU.

Alumni Council Members