Why BGU?

Patrick Thompson
Jamaica - MATL

BGU is not just any other university. BGU will be most helpful if you want transformation, if  you want to pivot and to move to that stage in life where you are walking in God's purpose.

Dr. Lauren Speeth
USA - Ph.D. & DMin

I think that my dissertation and Ph.D. research provides bridges between the theologically minded and the scientifically minded communities.

In my dissertation, I looked at how the principles of Christian community development could help the body of Christ throughout the county.

Dr. Bekele Bedada Tulu
Ethiopia - Ph.D.

I joined BGU to sharpen my perspectives on understanding the issues of leadership and aiming to bring transformation in leadership.

Fred Billings

In my spirit, I knew there was still much to learn if I was going to successfully pass the businesses, resources, and missions ministry to the next generations. 

Working on DTL was transformational in and of itself, discovering joys in qualitative research.

The DTL connected me with successful business and economic developers, presidents, and CEOs who helped me to see the vision for my project.

From Ethiopia to Brazil, and from New Zealand to Canada, I have had a front-row seat to the work God is doing in leader’s lives, communities, businesses, and churches.

Dr. Michael Reading

Through BGU’s EMBA program, I hope to create a process that provides the opportunity to those who are autistic, ADD, ADHD, dyslexic, etc.

Connie Parker

While reading for one of my first classes it was like God gave me great clarity about the next steps.

Kudzai Masimira
South Africa - EMBA & MATL

I find the EMBA to be forward-looking and presenting the means for innovative solutions to the interrelated crisis the world is facing.

Kathy Pierburg
USA & Guatemala - MATL

God has now placed me in a leadership role in my church, directing missions and outreach.

Dr. Clifford Kuyokwa
Malawi - DTL

I am so grateful that today in Malawi, I am one of the young, energetic and very passionate leaders to help transform our country.