Alumni News - February 2024

The BGU Alumni Association has taken a bold step to support BGU's global perspective by designating two dates for the Annual General Meeting.

 The Annual General Meeting will be held twice to accommodate the different time zones. One meeting will be on May 10 to serve our brothers and sisters in the Asia, India, Australia time zones and the other meeting will be on May 11 to serve our brothers and sisters in the Europe, the Middle East, and Africa time zones.

To support the Association's annual theme of "Empowering leaders of character," the Annual General Meeting program's topic domains are:

  • Integrity in urban polycentric mission

  • Mastery in marketplace mission

  • Boldness in spirituality and mission

 At the first planning meeting on February 14, the Alumni Association nominated several people to present topics relevant to the Annual General Meeting's topic domains. However, BGU alumni, staff, faculty, and students can take advantage of the opportunity as well. In March, the Alumni Association will issue a call for proposals, so potential presenters should think about what they might want to share with the rest of the alumni.

 The Alumni Association is also planning a format change to make the meeting more efficient and will announce that change in March as well.

 The BGU Alumni Association's different approach to its Annual General Meeting means greater global engagement. Two separate sessions catering to the diverse time zones of its international community means the Association continues to pursue its commitment to BGU's vision of fostering leaders with integrity, mastery, and boldness across various mission fields.

 This year's focus on empowering characters through specialized topic domains promises to enrich the alumni experience, offering a platform for shared learning and collaboration. The Association's coming call for proposals and  refreshed meeting format will make the Annual General Meeting a truly transformative event and strengthen the global BGU alumni network. Members will want to embrace this opportunity to contribute, connect, and grow together in this unique virtual assembly.

Leroy Hurt


BGU Alumni Association