Dr. Bekele Bedada Tulu

I am Bekele Bedada Tulu residing in Ethiopia, Addis Ababa, with my wife, Wesene Hailu, and our four children. I am currently overseeing the work of Global Disciples in all of Africa as an Executive Vice President providing leadership to a Vice President, Regional Coordinators, and Head facilitators.

Why did I join BGU? 

Internally I was pushed by a huge need for leadership transformation that I have sensed in my own life. Then I saw similar needs within my area of ministry, communities, churches, nations, and continent. So, I joined BGU to sharpen my perspectives on understanding the issues of leadership and aiming to bring transformation in leadership. What I have learned in BGU courses and in well-designed Ph.D. courses has highlighted the eight transformational leadership perspectives (calling-based, incarnational, reflective, contextual, servant, global, shalom, prophetic leadership) and given me new hope as to how to provide leadership and be a part of what God is doing in the current realities of the world and my ministry involvement.

Why do I pursue a Ph.D. at BGU? 

There are so many things that I have taken into serious consideration to pursuing this Ph.D. program at BGU. Several of those realities are as follows:

1. To Address both Fields (Education world and Ministry practices): I have desired to have a part or an input in both leadership education and Christian ministry areas of the body of Christ. By this, I mean that we need fresh leadership principles, taught at different levels, while developing research on the field as need arises to write academic research and publication that will address the leadership issues at hand. I thought that these needs would be well addressed within the Ph.D. program I am pursuing at BGU which I have already tasted right now. Come and taste!

2. To Address the Needs in my Context: In my Ph.D. research, I want to clarify principles of leadership that need to be highlighted in my context which will open the eyes on how to engage our communities on transformational leadership. The scientific research that I have already started while working on my Ph.D. will transform my own practices. This degree will help most of my African leaders to transform our continent and our leadership practices to the highest standards at which BGU has developed such a passion and ability to help.

3. In order to understand our Global Realities: The world we live in is at a constant mode of change and shift. We are facing new realities that need to be addressed after the heart of Christ, which definitely implies innovative and transformational leadership. Understanding our global realities and challenges, we need to understand how to lead under the current world realities. That is why I have made up my mind to pursue this Ph.D. with BGU which currently opens my eyes and transforms my way of thinking. I believe that God led BGU to create this Ph.D. in innovative leadership. That is exactly what our world leaders need right now.

4. A Ph.D. in Innovative Leadership: For me, this is a prophetic timing for the future leadership styles needed in the body of Christ. God is God of all innovations. Christian leaders need to be innovative leaders when the whole world is facing challenging situations like now. The ministry practices and education world of the body of Christ needs innovators who will address the world realities and lead changes in today’s tumultuous world.

Bekele defended his dissertation in February 2023. He received his Ph.D. degree in June 2023.