BGU degrees provide theological, operational, and personal skillsets for entry into the most diverse range of world realities. From a call and ministry to those in abject poverty, to a call and ministry to those in the corridors of the powerful, BGU equips leaders with the tools to succeed. Students in each program are invited to attend courses with those in other countries, other contexts, and degrees, thus providing them with the additional advantage of experiencing BGU’s unique geographic, cultural, and organizationally diverse relationships.

BGU Programs

Ph.D. The Ph.D. in Innovative Urban Leadership is an academic degree. It focuses on original research, data analysis, and theory evaluation. The Ph.D. is the best option for those wanting to make an original and significant contribution in a field and want to teach at a university or do research.
DTL The Doctor of Transformational Leadership (DTL) is an applied (professional) doctorate. It focuses on applying research to practical problems, developing solutions to complex problems and/or creating professional practices in your field. The DTL is the best option for those with an interest in the practical application of knowledge and want a career in a practical setting.
DMin The Doctor of Ministry (DMin) Our DMin program provides transformational ministry leadership to a global scattered community with an incarnational community approach through relevant cross-cultural community strategies with an innovative and creative framework. The program includes a city immersion practicum.
MATL The Master of Transformational Leadership (MATL) degree is designed especially for urban ministry leaders who desire greater expertise and skill in leading transformation in cities. Bible, Christian history, and theology are taught from the spiritually invigorating perspective of God's work in the global city.
EMBA The BGU DNA is stewardship of people, places, profit, and the planet. Our Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA) program is designed to create a holistic approach to this process. Each class, and every interaction, guides students to understand how to frame their work and faith through this lens of stewardship.
Transformational Leadership All courses taught at BGU incorporate one or more of our eight Transformational Leadership Perspectives.
Niche Areas of Expertise All BGU programs engage the seven unique niche areas of expertise in the BGU network of students, alumni, and faculty.