Mission and funding from everywhere to everywhere

BGU is grateful for financial partners willing to help support global students. Without this financial aid many of the Christ-centered leaders who come to us, especially those in non-developed economies, would not be able to receive the advanced education they need to change cities globally. Prayerfully consider impacting one or more students by giving today.

During the last two centuries, most missionaries and mission money came from the west to the majority world. However, in the last few decades, that has changed. Brazil, South Korea and India are in the top ten missionary sending nations. Additionally, South Africa, the Philippines, Mexico, China, Colombia, and Nigeria are in the top 20. No longer is missions “from the West to the rest.” It is “from everywhere, to everywhere.”

Over 60% of BGU’s students, alumni and partners are from the global south, sometimes called the majority world. Many BGU staff, board members, faculty, city immersion events, and mentors are located there as well. Even with discounts set to reflect the economy of these nations, all students pay at least 50% of their tuition. BGU students from economically challenged nations in those regions make huge sacrifices to attend BGU. BGU is supported largely by these fees.

BGU has been a strong example of missions and funding from everywhere to everywhere for the last 20 years.

Thank you for being part of BGU global family and sharing in the joyful giving culture that God has built to sustain His mission at BGU and in so many other organizations and movement.

Dr. Brad Smith, Chancellor

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