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Transformational Leadership

Bakke Graduate University strengthens leaders who steward resources with and for vulnerable people and places, by means of contextual, Christian-based education innovatively delivered throughout the urban world.

Next start date: October 1, 2021

Global - Adventure Learning - Relationships

BGU serves students in 65 nations through online courses, local mentors, city immersions and on-site residential courses through its global faculty and staff.

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Experiential Learning

Experience God's global movements first-hand.

Be mentored by advanced global leaders.

Make lifelong international friends.

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Connie Parker
Two Careers Rolled Into One

While reading for one of my first classes it was like God gave me great clarity about the next steps. Because of my technology background, I could develop an online mentoring program for Christian women in business.  The idea was so intriguing...

Dr. Michael Reading
From Church to Market Place

Through BGU’s EMBA program, I hope to create a process that accomplishes this goal and provides the opportunity to those who are autistic, ADD, ADHD, dyslexic, etc to have their uniqueness recognized and full potential realized.

Fred Billings
Enrolled at the Ripe Old Age

In my spirit, I knew there was still much to learn if I was going to successfully pass the businesses, resources, and missions ministry to the next generations.  There were also other business activities and ministries that I wanted to start and pursue with my family. You might say I am not done dreaming of what God might do with my life. What I discovered was that Bakke Graduate University tailors its approach to learning around individual student needs and aspirations.