Stories of 2022 BGU Graduates

There are so many stories that inspired us at the June 4 BGU graduation in Dallas of students in the PhD, DTL, DMin, MBA and MATL programs . People have expressed that BGU dissertation titles are often interesting to read even for non-academics. Here is a list of a few doctoral graduates, where they work and the title of their dissertation. Dissertation abstracts and full copies can be downloaded at HERE.

PhD in Innovative Urban Leadership:

Lauren Speeth - San Francisco, CA, USA: A Geographically Diverse Study of Educational Strategies to Foster Environmentally Conscious Global Leaders

Doctor of Transformational Leadership:
  • Christa Smith-Kingston - Montreal, Canada: Spirit-filled Artists as Transformational Leaders in Post-Christian Francophone Quebec

  • Krisztina Olah - Budapest, Hungary: Transition and Transformation in Hungary: What Influences Ethical Decisions of Christian Leaders in the Marketplace?

  • Shanti Persaud - Georgetown, Guyana: The Relationship Between Servant Leadership and Employee Engagement: A Study of Five Organizations in Georgetown, Guyana

  • Annie Thurber - Broken Arrow, OK and Guatemala City: Charity Is Not the Answer: A Proposal for Social Business as a Sustainable Solution to Poverty Alleviation

  • Abaydar Ketema Woldeab - Addis Ababa, Ethiopia: Empowerment of Ethiopian Women to Develop Shalom Leadership and Mediation in Today’s Ethiopian Conflict

  • Clifford Kuyokwa - Malawi: An Assessment of Wholistic Empowerment Initiatives to Create Wealth Through the Work of Non-Governmental Organizations for Sustainable Development in Malawi

  • Damaris Perez - Dallas, TX, USA: Exploring the Relationships Between Self-Knowledge, Cultural Understanding, and Collaboration in Young Hispanic Leaders and Their

  • Heather Harrison - Beaverton, OR, USA: Managing Anxiety Among Christian Leaders: The Role of Positive Psychology and Emotional Intelligence

  • Joo Wong - Singapore: Work and Fulfilment of God’s Purposes and Calling

  • Abraham Bamigboje - Lagos, Nigeria: The Impact of Servant Leadership on Church Health in Lekki District of Foursquare Gospel Church

  • Melissa Killian - Boulder, CO, USA: Factors Enhancing Women’s Leadership Efficacy in Sub-Saharan Africa

  • Yvonne Osman - Georgetown, Guyana: The Relationship between English Language Competence, Skills Acquisition and Self-Esteem for Grade Seven

  • Rob Murray - Franklin, TN, USA: Exploring the Leadership Implications of Leaders Who Are Actively Practicing to Identify, Express, and Explore Their Emotions in a Group Environment