Doctor of Ministry (DMin)

About DMin

Bakke Graduate University's DMin program is a 40 credit hour online degree which is completed in three years where students are required to attend one city immersion located at an assigned location in the United States.

Our DMin program provides transformational ministry leadership:

  • To a global scattered community

  • With an incarnational community approach

  • Through relevant cross-cultural community strategies

  • With an innovative and creative framework

The purpose of our DMin program is designed to do the following:

  • Provide a practical, theological, and academic education with students leading to conductive qualitative or quantitative research to write their dissertations creating diverse models of ministry

  • To equip and educate ministry pastors, ministers, parachurch leaders, and faith-based organization leaders of our global and urban communities

Our desired results are to ensure ministry leaders will have an impact on individuals, congregations, institutions, and communities which will do the following:

  • Create relevant ministries in the Global Context

  • Impact multi-cultural generations

  • Community Development

DMin Program Outline

Required work for your Doctor of Ministry (DMin) degree will include a total of 40 credit hours. You may take a minimum of two years and a maximum of seven years to complete your degree. The following courses are required to complete the DMin degree:

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Please contact Bruce Jackson to set up an appointment. He can assist you in planning out your classes for the next few years.

DMin Degree Requirements

Pursuing a Doctor of Ministry Degree at BGU is an awesome global theological educational experience. The following are required to pursue a DMin Degree at Bakke Graduate University:

  • Must have an MDiv. Degree or an MDiv. equivalent.

  • Complete 40 semester credit hours and a Dissertation with a minimum grade point average (GPA) of 3.0.

  • Students obtaining a grade of B- or lower cannot be accepted for credit towards their degree.

Students can submit their DMin Dissertation proposal after completing their Research Bridge class. They will have the opportunity to select their dissertation supervisor and a second reader. Once their dissertation proposal is approved by the Academic Cabinet, the following course of action will occur:

  • Students will set up appointments with their dissertation supervisors to ensure the expected dates of submitting various chapters are completed.

  • Students must demonstrate:

  1.   A specific concern regarding leadership in ministry.

  2.   Mobilize appropriate resources.

  3.   Develop a process to address the concern and the evaluation of that response.

  4.   Demonstrate the ability to reflect theologically in relation to practical global ministry.

  5.   Illustrate the ability to function responsibility under supervision appropriate to the project.

  • They will have their entire dissertation submitted by the date required by the Academic Dean.

  • An oral defense of the dissertation will be scheduled and completed before the final recommendation is approved.

DMin Program Concentrations

The DMin degree is structured around Transformational Leadership for the Global City. Students must complete at least two courses or directed studies in their chosen specialization to complete their degree. Specializations include:

  • MLT Emerging Movements

  • MLT 702   Empowering Leaders

  • MLT 703   Multiplying Mission

  • LDR 722   Leadership & Self-Deception

  • LDR 723   Leadership Organization, Culture & Change

  • LDR 724   Strategic Planning & Ministry Contexts

  • LDR 706   Servant Leadership

  • MCC 701   Church in Community Development

  • MCC 702   Urban Field Experience (US)

  • MCC 703   City Consultation

  • MIS 701, 702 or 703   Nature & Mission of the Church

  • THE 731   Spiritual Retreating

  • THE 732   Rhythms of Living

  • THE 734   Spiritual Formation for the Transformational Leader

  • UYM 701   Adolescent Development & Youth Culture

  • UYM 702   Ministry Strategies for Working with at-Risk Youth

  • UYM 703   Theology of Urban Youth Ministry

  • TOW 701a   Foundations of Theology of Work

  • TOW 702b   Biblical Theology of Work: Making Sense of the Other Six Days

  • TOW 702   Taking Your Soul to Work

  • TOW 703   Marketplace Ministry

  • TOW 704   Workplace Ethics

  • TOW 705   Liberating the Laity


A student may work with their advisor to determine a specialization not listed, and through Independent or Directed Studies accomplish that emphasis.

DMin Course Format

The DMin program format at BGU is interactive, creative, and innovative. The format for the classes is the following:

  • Attend a BGU City Immersion Class

  • Classes meet weekly via zoom

  • Complete theological discussions posted on Populi

  • Complete extensive required readings

  • Submit book reviews, weekly journals, etc.

  • Complete individuals individual and group projects

  • Research and Write Dissertation

DMin Tuition and Fees

Doctor of Ministry (DMin) Tuition per credit hour

$ 525.00 +

Online Audit Tuition (per credit hour)

$ 250.00 +>

Online Audit Tuition (per day)

$ 100.00 +>

Other Fees 

Late Course Registration Fee

$ 50.00

Course Extension Fee (per month)

$ 100.00

Administration Fee per course

$ 50.00 !

Onsite Admin Fee per course

$ 450.00

Resource Fee (each term)

$ 50.00

Graduation Fee

$ 450.00*

Cap, Gown & Hood (DR)

$ 200.00

Technical reader fee

$ 300.00

Transcript Fee

$ 5.00

A $100 non-refundable tuition course deposit must accompany the request to register for a course and to reserve a place in the class. This deposit is applied toward the total tuition of the course. The balance of tuition and fees is due 14 days prior to the first day of the course, after which time a late payment fee of $50.00 will be incurred by the student. Those who attend a course but fail to complete all assignments by prescribed deadlines will still be held responsible for paying all outstanding tuition and fees. 

+ Plus Administrative Fee assessed to every participant

> Student must register as an audit if the student wants the option to convert the course to credit within one year of the course.

* Graduation Fee includes direct costs related to graduation, e.g., diploma and diploma cover, invitations, printing and binding of two copies of final project, final official transcript (1), medallion(s), ceremony, reception, and other miscellaneous items.

! Administration Fee varies with each course. Please check each course information.

DMin Admission Requirements

Admission to the Doctor of Ministry (DMin) Program at BGU is based on a selection process conducted by the Academic Affairs Committee (AAC). The AAC reviews each application thoroughly to determine the applicant's qualifications as well as compatibility of the university programs to the applicant's educational goals. The applicant will be presented to the AAC for consideration after all required application materials have been received by the university.

Applicants are required to provide documents attesting to:

Degree Credential

A Master of Divinity (MDiv) degree or equivalent, a minimum of five years of ministry experience, and present engagement in ministry.

Applicants not holding a Master of Divinity (MDiv) degree or its equivalent (defined as a student who has taken and passed with a B or better at least 80 (semester/trimester) credit hours in a master's theology program in one or more USDE recognized accredited programs, yet was not awarded the actual MDiv degree), but meeting and exceeding all other requirements, may pursue admission to the Extended DMin program as a Special Student. Only a limited number of applicants will be admitted as Special Students.

Standard admission requirements for the 60-credit Extended Doctor of Ministry degree program include a master's degree, a minimum of five years of ministry experience, and present engagement in ministry. Students completing their MTS at BGU have fulfilled the necessary prerequisites to be considered for the Extended DMin program.

The Extended DMin program requires additional graduate courses, e.g., Old Testament Theology, New Testament Theology, Global Christian History, and three electives for the total additional 20 credits. If the applicant has completed these courses at a graduate level prior to entering the DMin program, they may be asked to complete other courses to fulfill the 20-hour graduate credit requirement. Although if a student has achieved some master's level courses, he or she is encouraged to enter into one of BGU's master's degrees and then move into the DMin.

English Language

Each student must demonstrate English-proficiency by: (1) showing that it is his/her native language, or (2) by having successfully completed an undergraduate or graduate school program in which English is the primary method of instruction, or (3) exhibiting sufficient English-language capabilities to succeed in the classroom and in the BGU DMin program as measured by a score of not less than 80 on the internet-based TOEFL or TOEFL-equivalent exams taken within the last five years. As an alternative to the TOEFL, BGU will accept the IELTS (International English Language Testing System), where the students have scored 6.5 or better.

Alternatively, if the student is from Mainland China, he or she will be required to attend the Total Immersion Program (TIP) that is held at Beijing University and must present a copy of the certificate that is awarded at the completion of that program. All students who are admitted using the TIP program will be admitted on a conditional basis. Once the student has successfully completed their first three courses (9 credit hours), they may be admitted under regular status if their course performance has proven satisfactory for graduate-level work.