Dr. Nita Kotiuga

In 2012, I registered as a student in the Doctor of Transformational Leadership (DTL) program. Little did I know that this journey would transform my life. My professors enlarged my world by challenging me to think deeper and wider, to engage God in my studies, and to always see the bigger picture. Each class became an academic and spiritually enriching time.

My first City Immersion was in Fresno in the fall of 2012 and I still remember certain places, the warmth of the October sun, the faces, and what God was speaking into my life. I grew to love city immersions and part of my focus is on developing them. Helping our staff, students, alumni and all who are connected to BGU hear God’s voice in their daily lives brings me tremendous joy.  

I see how academia and spiritual formation, when united as a focus, transform each student, encouraging them towards bringing flourishing to God’s beautiful creation. Despite our human foibles, we together seek God’s will and work hard at maintaining a unity across all time zones because we have all been called to a unique opportunity. My journey has been a gift to me.