Heather Harrison

For anyone considering the DTL, I would like to share my story with you. As a Leadership Coach and Marriage Family Therapist, I have spent the last 33 years walking and working with others to learn, grow and develop. Yet, like the old saying of "the cobbler's kids do not have shoes," I was at a place where I was not transforming. I believe we can only take others as far as we take ourselves.

I enrolled in the DTL program and jumped into the City Immersion course with little expectation of what was ahead. Over the last year of coursework, I can say I have truly been stretched, challenged, and transformed. BGU has afforded me the opportunity to work alongside amazing leaders all over the world. From Ethiopia to Brazil, and from New Zealand to Canada, I have had a front-row seat to the work God is doing in leader’s lives, communities, businesses, and churches. I now have full confidence that my work is transforming lives, starting with me! And, I know it will transform yours as well. I encourage you to take the leap! Blessings