Bishop Sean Crowley

I highly recommend the DTL degree to any pastors who want to transform their ministries as that is what the DTL has done for me. My project seemed like an impossibility when I started it over seven years ago. It became a reality for my ministry and denomination because of the incredible faculty and staff at BGU. The faculty and staff walked alongside me and were readily available to help me at any time. If you are concerned about the writing for the dissertation, I can tell you that you will not be alone in the process. They go with you every step of the way.

When I obtained my master’s degree in Global Urban leadership, I thought I was finished with my education. I never imagined trying to pursue a higher degree. I described my ministry plan for church planting, and the DTL Director said that it sounded like a great dissertation project. The DTL offers you an opportunity to not only learn in the online classroom setting but also teaches you how to transform your own leadership as a practitioner. The DTL connected me with successful business and economic developers, presidents, and CEOs who helped me to see the vision for my project. The DTL professors are at the top of their fields. They will expose you to current and new innovations for your project ideas which ultimately transform your ministry. BGU is not your normal “brick and mortar” school. For me in the DTL Program, their motto still holds true today: “The world is your classroom.”