Memphis City Immersion
November 04, 2022 at 9:19am until November 13, 2022 at 9:19am Eastern

Read the report about the immersion HERE.

Save the date! The Memphis City Immersion is scheduled for November 4-13, 2022. The theme for the Immersion is “Grit and Grind: Exploring How a City’s Past Impacts and Influences the Present”.

Memphis is a metropolitan, yet-hometown southern city whose history is filled with curiosity, intrigue, and surprise. From its incorporation by the State of Tennessee in 1826, to the triumphs of being the nation’s leader in the cotton and tobacco industries, to the tragedy of the yellow fever epidemic which permanently changed the city’s demography, Memphis has been a city of stamina and persistence.  Its history is the basis for the city’s contemporary motto which is “grit and grind”.  Memphians just don’t quit.

You can register for the class (OVI-701-MEM) during the October 2022 term. The course will start on schedule on October 3rd; the residential portion takes place November 4-13, 2022. Please contact the POR, Dr. Paulette Jordan ( or via cell phone at (803) 409-8593 if you have questions.

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