Transformational Leadership Perspectives

All courses taught at Bakke Graduate University incorporate one or more of the following Transformational Leadership Perspectives.

  1. Calling-Based Leadership. The leader seeks to understand God-given gifts, experiences, and opportunities in understanding his/her unique role as a called instrument of Christ’s transforming work in and above world cultures.

  2. Incarnational Leadership. The leader pursues shared experiences, shared plights, shared hopes, in addition to shared knowledge and tasks.

  3. Reflective Leadership. The leader lives, in reality, reflects on its meaning and catalyzes others with the courage, symbols, and example to make meaning in their own lives.

  4. Servant Leadership. The leader’s behavior and priority is on servanthood first. In the style of Jesus, the leader leads by serving and serves by leading.

  5. Contextual Leadership. The leader recognizes the previous work of God in other cultures and seeks to experience its unique gospel expression.

  6. Global Leadership. The leader understands the complexity of today’s global, pluralistic, urban, economic, and political landscape and sees the Church from the perspective of a world church rather than a nationalized, denominational, or localized church.

  7. Shalom.* The leader pursues reconciling relationships between people, people, and God, people and their environment, and people and themselves. The leader works toward the well-being, abundance, and wholeness of the community, as well as individuals.

  8. Prophetic.* The leader speaks truth with love to and through power. With sacrifice and humility, the leader pursues change in the broken systems and practices in the political, economic, social, and religious life of the city and world. The leader must give voice to those that have no voice (Prov. 31:8).

 * These terms have rich historic meanings that we will attempt to reclaim beyond their media-politicized current characterizations.

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January 2021