Unique Niche Areas of Expertise

BGU degrees provide theological, operational, and personal skillsets for entry into the most diverse range of world realities; from a call and ministry with those in abject poverty, to a call and ministries with those in the corridors of the powerful. Students in all four programs are invited to attend courses with those in other degrees, thus providing them with the additional advantage of experiencing BGU’s unique geographic, cultural, and organizationally diverse relationships.

All five programs engage the unique niche areas of expertise in the BGU network of students, alumni, and faculty:

1. A Worldwide Global Network

Initially developed through more than 25 years of city-consultations in 250 of the world’s largest cities, BGU’s network opens doors for life-changing immersions in global cities led by insiders to those cities. In these courses cities become the laboratories and practitioners become the professors. These leader-to-leader connections open up a wealth of life-time resources for every BGU student.

2. Bible-Based Curriculum

With a high view of Scripture, the Bible is taught and applied in a narrative fashion rather than from a particular system or denominational perspective. Not only does this approach provide new insights, it prepares students to be cross-cultural in their teaching and practice of biblical principles.

3. Global Urban Studies

Starting with the traditional categories of relief, development, and advocacy, and moving into emerging areas of micro-enterprise, environmental sustainability, global media, and cultural movements, students learn from both the classic studies in this field as well as the most recent innovations.

4. Theology of Work

People want to find meaning in their daily lives and make a difference through their work. This requires a holistic understanding of work, calling, life, relationships, community, influence, health, and the environment. BGU teaches the personal calling of work; ethics of work; spirituality of work; and personal/ organizational mission of work. Recognized as a global leader in these topics, BGU has taught theology of work to faculty and leaders in colleges, seminaries, and agencies in almost 40 countries. Applied to all aspects of business and city transformation, this provides a united underpinning within every BGU course.

5. Academic Quality and Breadth

BGU’s faculty are world-class subject matter experts in their respective fields and regions of the world. Students learn from the best on the subjects of global research and theory and are equipped with the scholarship disciplines they need to be global thought and action leaders.

6. Practical Skills

In-the-action urban leaders demand immediate application. All BGU programs allow students to continue in their current work situations. Students write assignments to their own family and work teams (personal learning communities) rather than professors; students work on assignments that solve current problems they are facing in their work; students work in geographically-dispersed teams that require application of global technologies and tools that will immediately increase their skills at communicating in a globalized world. Many of BGU’s top areas of expertise involve practical skills essential for effective community development, project management, leading teams and accessing resources.

7. Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Many in the BGU network serve in developing economies where new organizations and new solutions are essential. Culturally-diverse classrooms dictate that no single professor has all the answers. As a result, BGU has had to create learning experiences based on cross-cultural immersions, problem-solving, intense dialogue, and various tools to help students reflect constantly on the ‘why’ as well as the ‘how’ of what they are learning. This diversity of learning approaches give students timeless and emerging principles upon which they can build a lifetime of innovation. The relationships that are forged expand the student’s vision and network to a global perspective.