Academic Writing Center

Our purpose is to provide assistance to any BGU student who is struggling with the writing requirements in the curriculum. To strengthen your writing skills in the areas of paragraph and sentence structure and organization, spelling and grammar, APA formatting, proper word usage, and vocabulary, using proper word tense, and the requirements for academic writing (succinct, focused, providing clear direction, instruction, and explanation).

If you struggle in the area of writing, BGU wants to offer you the services of the Academic Writing Center. The Office of the Academic Dean will coordinate the Writing Center. It will also coordinate the relationships between potential beneficiaries of the Writing Center and potential editors or tutors. This Office will also convene the Writing Center Advisor Team on a regular basis to coordinate and evaluate efforts and strategize.

Free Writing Center Activities Offered to All of BGU Students:
  • Use of Unicheck and Grammarly

  • Free Webinars organized by Student Services

  • Free English Writing Certificate

  • Editing services provided by the Society of Global Scholars (for a nominal fee)

Tutoring Services If you continue to struggle with writing, we can help. Contact us and we will pair you with a qualified writing Tutor.
Editing Services If you want to have your written work edited before submission, we can help. Contact us and we will put you in touch with a qualified writing Editor.
Become an Editor or Tutor Do you want to become a BGU writing editor or tutor? Learn more about these positions and apply today.

Note: Be prepared to pay $30 per hour to your tutor or editor. Getting editing or writing services through the Academic Writing Center is a voluntary process; you must ask for the service and be willing and able to pay for it.