Your Place at the Finish Line - Financial Update, February 2023

From now to May, BGU students graduating on June 3 will be supported by several hundred supporters helping them finalize their dissertations, editing final proofs, leading oral reviews and preparing graduation logistics and communication. Many of those providing support are doing this work as volunteers. Students have already sacrificed so much to pay to get to this point that we do not want to add additional obstacles at the end.

This is a special time to donate to BGU. When June 3 comes, the students will walk the stage with proud family members cheering them on for what they have accomplished after so many years and hours invested in their research projects. BGU produces video testimonies of these students sharing their joy at the finish line. When you give at this time, and then you see those video testimonies later in June, you will know you were not just a spectator at the finish line, but part of the team that provided what they needed to finish well.

Please pray to seek God’s direction for your giving. I hope you can be part of the celebration of what God has accomplished through so many, including you.