Transformational Partnerships: CETI and Korea

With so many BGU students, faculty, and graduates serving as transformational change agents in various sectors of society throughout the world, word gets around that BGU is the place to go for life changing teaching and training. As a result, leaders at BGU are often approached by networks and organizations about opportunities for collaboration. We’re always open to partnership because our school exists to serve networks of Christian leaders. BGU is ready and willing to partner with others. Two recent examples are the partnership with CETI offering MATL courses in Spanish throughout Latin America, and a new collaboration with leaders in Korea offering DTL courses in Korean.

In the initial year of partnership, the Spanish speaking students with CETI have taken courses called Exegeting Your Community, Context and the Bible, Transformational Leadership, and Personal Assessment. The world class faculty teaching in the program include Dr. Ruth Padilla-DeBorst, Dr. Nina Balmaceda, Dr. Cesar Lopes, Dr. Joel Van Dyke, and Dr. Joel Aguilar. Dr. Aguilar also serves as an academic dean at CETI, and CETI team members Tori Greaves and Karen Montano have served as key implementation partners. The BGU and CETI teams have become quick friends as they’ve collaborated together in shaping and implementing the new program. The goal is to grow the Spanish MATL program to 30 to 40 active students, and we’re about half way to that goal in less than a year. The students, who come from countries throughout Latin America including Mexico, Guatemala, Colombia, El Salvador, Peru, and Bolivia, have provided a lot of positive feedback about the program. It has been truly transformational!

The Korean language DTL degree was launched just two terms after the Spanish courses were rolled out, and the results have been fantastic so far! Eight Korean leaders are currently enrolled in the program, very close to the goal of recruiting 10 new Korean students within the first year.

Courses so far have included Theology of Work, where the Korean students utilized translation technology and coaching from Korean faculty to participate in the course with other global leaders in BGU’s DTL program. During the current term, the students are taking the Personal Assessment course fully in Korean. In that course, the students are shaping their callings and beginning the process of working with their Personal Learning Community as they are stretched by the course content. The world class faculty teaching in the BGU Korean Program include Dr. BK Park, Dr. Sunil Kim (visiting scholar), and Dr. Jewel Hyun, a BGU Board of Regents member who has been instrumental in setting up the partnership. Danielle Choi has been coordinating the new program while she is also joining the new initiative as a DTL student. The Korean students have been raving about the program, and helping to spread to good word to their friends and colleagues.

Opportunities for partnerships and collaboration with networks and geographic regions around the world should continue to open up in the coming months and years. If you, or someone with an organization that you know, might be interested in setting up a partnership to serve your network with transformational leadership training, the first step is as easy as contacting either BGU’s President, Dr. Brad Smith, or BGU’s Academic Dean, Dr. Bryan McCabe. We’re continuing to explore new and innovative ways to equip global Christian leaders, and partnership is right at the forefront of our vision in this next season.

Dr. Bryan McCabe

Academic Dean

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