Prayer - October 2021

What is our prayer life like?

Do we come with a list of to-does for God to fulfill such as: God save so and so..., please grant us peace, help us with such and such...? Here is a challenge to strengthen your relationship with God: Instead of asking God to do things which are a part of His character and He is already doing, try thanking Him for the attributes He already has, that you are struggling to see. Since we know that God does not change, we have a long list of attributes to draw from.

Instead of praying Lord please save “Luke”, let's pray: God, we know, You love Luke and continue to draw him to you. I/We rejoice in Your love for him and agree with You that he would discover all the fullness of life he was created for in You. I/We thank You for the many time You have already spoken to him. I/We want to see greater hunger in his life for You so enable me/us to hear Your voice as You are continually speaking about how You want me/us involved. God, as You are continually removing hindrances in his life, I/we thank You, as You are seeking to hold him close, and we are reminded of how You hold me/us close. As You continue to call him, I/we worship You, O Lord, our God.

In moments of crisis, we seek His peace. We know that God grants peace, so let’s pray: God, I want to receive the peace You are giving. My heart is in turmoil and struggling to be where I can receive Your peace. Help me to see You in the midst of my situation that I may give You. Glory for the peace You are wanting me to have. Prince of Peace, I will worship You and desire to follow You.

When we fix our eyes on God and who He is. He is able to realign our perceptions of what is happening so that they line up with how He sees what is happening.