Prayer Corner - February 2023

Reflective Leadership

Articulating our own reality, reflecting upon its meaning and then helping others to live with courage and meaning and their own lives is the role of a reflective leader. Being comfortable enough to share our own adventures in the world of God’s sovereignty, opens the door for others to share their own journeys. In so doing we travel together.

Is there unique meaning you see in your own life, that when shared will help others discover meaning in their own lives? Having a spiritual friend or a spiritual sirector will enable us to learn how to reflect upon the moments in our lives. We all need friendly presences in our lives to walk with us.

In the Examen, one of the questions we ask ourselves is where did I see God today? As you reflect upon your day (work, home, friends, church, activities, etc.) where are you seeing God? The Examen also invites us to examine our day for moments when we did not experience God.

Have we recognized these moments and invited God to speak into them? Romans 8:15 tells us that we should behave as God’s very own children, adopted into his family – calling him “Father, dear Father”. He is very present to us and when we do not sense him, we are able to call him to show us his presence.

Dr. Nita Kotiuga

Director of Spiritual Formation