Prayer Corner - December 2022

Christmas time is often when we pause and reflect on Jesus coming to us, the Gift of love, the Incarnation of God. As leaders who live in various circumstances, reflecting on the coming of Christ means that we do so with courage, using the symbols within our communities, and we seek to help others see the meaning of our lives. Made in the image of God, we reflect and are the image bearers of an eternal God. Like Jesus, who calls us friends, we seek the Shalom of this world.

Will you join me in praying for Shalom, in being attentive to how you can be an instrument of Shalom, and how you can partner with those who bring Shalom? Let us not be influenced by fear but let’s keep looking into the eyes of Jesus for a true reflection of our being and our calling. As we reflect on this beautiful time of year, may you feel the breath of God breathing life into you. May you feel the Holy Spirit brooding over you, creating new life in you.

May you experience the joy of gazing into Jesus and seeing the Father.

Dr. Nita Kotiuga

Director of Spiritual Formation