Virginia `Jeng` Juan

Dr. Virginia `Jeng` Juan is the President and CEO of APPEND, the first group of microfinance NGOs in the Philippines. She is also the founding President and COO of the first microfinance financial tech corporation. Her education and experience in agriculture, financial inclusion, advocacy and legislation,  micro-enterprise development, research, and development for more than three decades have shaped her expertise in implementing, leading, and managing social enterprises and programs for the poor. Dr. Juan also sits on the board of several organizations involved in helping poor communities create wealth with dignity. 

Dr. Juan’s education includes:

  • DTL, Bakke Graduate University, Seattle, WA, USA

  • MSc in Agricultural Economics, University of London, Wye Kent, United Kingdom

  • BS in Agriculture, major Agricultural Economics, Central Luzon State University, Munoz, Nueva Ecija, Philippines