Zsolt Szalai
  • Ph.D. Finance, Budapest University of Economics

  • MSC in Economics, Budapest University of Economics

  • BSc in Economics, Budapest University of Economics

Professional Experience: Following his studies at Hungarian and English universities and completion of a university doctor’s degree in finance, Zsolt has spent the last three decades in mid and upper management roles in banking, private equity, not-for-profit organizations, and Christian churches. Currently, he is self-employed as a business consultant. During his carrier, Zsolt gained a wide range of experience in corporate finance, capital markets, project finance, innovation management, and business development areas. Zsolt is also an adjunct professor at Károli Gáspár Reformed University, Pentecostal Theological College, and Bakke Graduate University. Besides that, he is an active speaker and lecturer on conferences and leadership courses and workshops. In addition, Zsolt also provides mentoring to Christian organizations and social enterprises in the development of their activities. Zsolt is chairman of CBMC Hungary and head of the board elders of Szentendre Reformed Church. He is married with two adult daughters.