Glenn Smith
  • DMin, Northern Baptist Theo. Seminary, Chicago

  • MA, University of Ottawa, Canada

  • BA, University of Michigan

Professional Experience: Glenn Smith has been the Executive Director of Christian Direction in Montreal since 1983, a multi-faceted ministry committed to the spiritual transformation by Jesus Christ of all life in the cities of the Francophone world. He is a professor of urban theology and missiology at the University of Montreal and a lecturer at McGill University in Haiti. He has written several articles and government publications in addition to being the co-author of “Espoir pour la Ville” (Hope for the City, God in the City) with Dr. Ray Bakke and Andre Pownall, and writing the book Following Jesus: God Invites us to Transformative Discipleship. He also edited, Towards the Transformation of Our City/Regions in the LCWE Occasional Papers Series. His forthcoming book is entitled City Air Makes You Free: To Transform the City Through a Fresh, Biblical Hermeneutic.