Andrew Sears
  • DTL, Bakke Graduate University

  • MSc in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, MIT

  • MSc in Technology and Policy, MIT

Professional Experience: Dr. Sears has served as President of City Vision University, which is focused on providing radically affordable higher education to enable others to make a living and a life. They launched a $2,000 AA degree and a $5,000 BA degree online that was featured in Forbes. He recently published a free MOOC on Disruptive Innovation in Higher Education on Udemy and iTunes U. City Vision currently provides degrees in Business Administration, Nonprofit Management, Addiction Studies and Missions as a Master's in Technology and Ministry. I serve as the Director of our Technology and Ministry Master's program, and teach Technology, Cross-Cultural Organizations and the Poor; Social Entrepreneurship; Technology, Life Balance and Addiction; History and Case Studies of Technology and the Church. I also oversee the following courses Theology of Technology, Organizations Systems, Theology of Work and Life Calling in the Stem Professions.