Rolando D. Aguirre

Dr. Rolando D. Aguirre, Associate Pastor of Teaching and Spanish Language Ministries at Park Cities Baptist Church, Dallas, Texas is deeply devoted to Christ and the expansion of His kingdom. Rolando’s passion for ministry is focused on discipleship, teaching, preaching, leadership development, missionary work, and community development. His ministerial experience includes church planting, youth pastor, social work, mission coordinator, evangelistic efforts, leadership development throughout Texas and Latin America as he is originally from Colombia. Dr. Aguirre is the founder of Calvary en Español (Calvary Baptist Church, McAllen, Texas), a ministry that is currently reaching thousands of people along the Texas/Mexican Border. 

Rolando has served as the First Vice President for Convención Bautista Hispana de Texas (CBHT) for the term of 2014-2016 and as its president from 2017 to 2019. Pastor Aguirre represented and provided leadership to more than 1100 Hispanic Churches in the State of Texas. 

Dr. Rolando Aguirre produced and led the TV Program called, “Descifrando Enigmas” (Decoding Enigmas) featured through Televisa channel along the Rio Grande Valley and the Mexican border. He also led a TV program called, “Un Tiempo de Esperanza” (A Time of Hope) reaching many people through channel 5.2 along the Rio Grande Valley. Pastor Rolando is the producer and author of the ministry, “Un Minuto con Dios” (A minute with God), a daily devotional podcast that is well-known among Spanish speakers. Dr. Aguirre also published his book, “Un Minuto con Dios.” He is frequently invited to write and speak for multiple magazines, church networks (Conventions), and non-profit organizations.

As a life-long learner, Rolando has earned an undergraduate degree and two graduate degrees. He holds a Bachelor of Arts (B.A) in Biblical Theological Studies from Baptist University of the Americas in San Antonio, Texas, and a dual Master of Arts (M.A) in Professional Counseling and Human Relations from Liberty University in Virginia, and Doctor of Transformational Leadership degree (DTL) from Bakke Graduate University in Dallas, Texas.  Rolando and his wife Janet have two children, Celina and David.