Kurt Risley
  • DMin, Bakke Graduate University, Seattle

  •  MMin, Oklahoma Christian University, Oklahoma City, OK

  •  BS in Bible, Southwest Christian College, Oklahoma City, OK

  •  BS in Business Management, Oklahoma Christian College, Oklahoma City, OK

Professional Experience: As a professional mediator, Dr. Risley brings over twenty years of experience involving mediation, counseling, and coaching others with life’s challenges and difficulties. Kurt’s undergraduate degrees are in Business Management and Bible with a Minor in Music. After college, he attended the Institute of Practical Ministry in Dallas, TX, worked on his Masters's in Ministry, and helped plant two churches. He has a Doctorate in Transformational Leadership from Bakke Graduate University and has been involved in executive management and the starting of several different companies.

Kurt Risley leads several companies that focus on bringing peace to the world. We Create Peace LLC includes mediation services and training, outsourced HR services, guardianship and conservatorship, and daily money management for those in need. Kurt also serves as an elder in Acadia church which includes community-based fellowships focusing on worship, prayer, discipleship, and community.

Kurt grew up in a ranch town in Oklahoma, USA, the youngest of four children and a preacher’s kid. Kurt loves teaching all things that involve interacting with people. Mentoring is a way of life for Kurt and his primary activity is in growing his business. Dr. Risley has taught in both college and post-graduate environments. He has also spoken globally on leadership development, community programs, and conflict resolution. He and his wife, Julie, reside in Portland, Oregon.