Paulette Jordan
Faculty Senate Vice President

Dr. Paulette Jordan is a retired Air Force Logistics Officer who has been teaching at the college level for over 30 years. As she traveled on active duty, she also sought opportunities with local universities in the U.S. and four countries overseas. After 24 years on active duty, she had taught and led faculty teams at seven universities and two community colleges. In her first full-time position after retiring from the Air Force, she served in a tenure-track position for the Alamo District in San Antonio, Texas. She has also served as a Campus Director, Faculty Lead, Department Chair, Dissertation Content Expert, Visiting Professor, Adjunct Professor, and Military Outreach Manager. She is currently serving at a private, Christian university as a site supervisor overseeing student teachers in their final semester. 

Outside of the classroom, Dr. Jordan has successfully owned and operated several small businesses and served on management teams and consulting groups with major corporations. Dr. Jordan believes that God is the source of all wisdom and that HE is in charge of her life and classrooms.

  • Ed.D., Liberty University

  • MA, Human Organizational Science, Villanova University

  • MA, Religion, Liberty University Theological Seminary (2006)

  • MBA, Liberty University (2010)

  • MSc in Entrepreneurial Management, Stratford University (2016)

  • BA in Secondary Education, University of Memphis