Stephan de Beer
  • DD, University of Pretoria

  • BD, University of Pretoria

  • BA (Hon) Greek, University of Pretoria

  • BA (Theol), University of Pretoria

Professional Experience: In 1998, Stephan DeBeer completed his doctorate in practical theology on the role of the church in urban transformation, with specific reference to the church and housing. Stephan is the Managing Director of the Tshwane Leadership Foundation, an ecumenical community organization in the inner city of Pretoria, South Africa. Since 1993 this Foundation has become an incubator for innovative urban development and ministry programs, among these a social housing company, programs with women and girls at-risk, homeless communities, and inner-city children, as well as a community festival and arts program. Stephan was one of the founders of the Institute for Urban Ministry, an institute for urban theological education, offering accredited urban training programs and hosting a biennial urban ministry consultation. His research interests focus on the urban church in its public engagement, and he is currently completing a research thesis on spirituality and space.