Corrie Acorda-De Boer

Lorisa “Corrie” Acorda-De Boer received her Ph.D. in Organizational Development and her DMin in the Renewal of the Church for Mission. She and her husband, Dr. Stewart De Boer, a retired USA army chaplain founded Mission Ministries Philippines, Inc. ( MMP), a grassroots faith-based organization training local churches on how to initiate grassroots social movements in early childhood education. Corrie serves as a Consultant to the MA in Transformational Urban Leadership and advocates for seminaries to develop holistic transformational educational programs among the poorest of the poor. She is a city networker, a social entrepreneur, creating employment opportunities for urban poor youth. She is in the faculty of Asian Theological Seminary and Asian Harvesters College and Seminary. She serves as an Advisory Board to the Church based Community-Centered Higher Education.