Join Year Long Sacrificial Giving

In December, the BGU Board and generous supporters have provided a $25,000 matching gift to encourage BGU friends, family, graduates, and students to give this month by knowing their own gifts are doubled.

Year-end gifts to BGU are placed alongside year-long sacrificial giving by so many. Every student, even those from economies with average per capital income of less than $1,000, pay at least half of their own tuition. The majority of BGU’s expenses are covered by tuition and fees even though 70% of BGU students live outside of North America. BGU provides extensive, on-going coaching to help students raise the money they need for their education through in-country donations and/or business development. What they learn provides local funding for their ministries even after graduation.

Additionally, BGU global faculty and staff work hard and sacrifice much to keep expenses lean. BGU graduates give generously to pass on the gift they received to others who follow them.

Please prayerfully consider joining this ongoing communion of giving and receiving with your own year-end gift.