Introducing BGU's Conflict Resolution Degree Focus

Have you learnt the creativity of conflict? Would you like to leverage the power in this creativity to achieve a more fulfilling and profitable experience in business, government, organizations, and in your own intrapersonal and interpersonal life?

Each semester, Bakke Graduate University via online classes, hands-on and deeply interactive conceptualization, live dispute mediation, arbitration, other alternative dispute resolution (ADR) practical case studies and robust feedback, provide Conflict resolution skills based on principles that enhance your worldview.

At BGU, you learn and master the two sides of conflict resolution epitomized by arbitration and mediation to resolve conflicts at work, in business, community groups, churches, as well as in your own individual and family life. You will also learn globally accepted best practice and procedures for conflict management, dispute resolution and peace building established and adopted by states and international governmental institutions, such as the United Nations and other multilateral bodies and institutions.

Our goal at BGU beginning in the spring of 2022 is to build a global center for best practice in conflict resolution scholarship, research, publication and practice. Irrespective of your profession or career, you can transform your life, community or organization by enrolling in BGU Conflict Studies Program. As a leader, you will find BGU courses in conflict resolution an indispensable life tool.

We offer three (3) courses every semester, each with academic credits. They are:

1. Conflict Resolution (CRE);

2. Organizational and Business Dispute Resolution (ODR); and

3. Peace Building (PBU).

The BGU Conflict Resolution (CRE) Course focuses on effective resolution of conflicts within the individual, as well as between the individual and others as they attempt to relate internally with themselves, and with others. This is especially important for addressing several competing choices that affect the quality of people’s lives as individuals as well as families and others that they interface with daily.

The BGU Organizational and Business Dispute Resolution (ODR) Course develops on the BGU Conflict Resolution (CRE) Course and teaches corporate, governmental, non-governmental and other institutional conflict resolution mechanisms.

The BGU Peace Building (PBU) Course teaches skills for mainstreaming and institutionalizing effective conflict resolution in our world, and in each of our communities, through the establishment of institutions and practices that both promote and entrench peace as well as provide avenues and centers for groups and individuals to turn to as a recourse in times of conflict.

It is advisable to do all three courses (CRE, ODR and PBU) as they touch on different aspects of leadership - personal, corporate and legacy. As indicated already, academic credits attach to each course.

None-regular students can register to participate and earn a certificate in any of the three courses.


Dr. Olajide “Jide” Olagunju

Adjunct Professor

Ph.D, MA Coexistence & Conflict, FCIArb(UK), FICMC, Attorney-at-Law

Author of How to Resolve A Conflict (English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and

German editions) - Winner, Best Alternative Dispute Resolution e-Book of All Time