Incarnational Leadership Prayer - October 2022
Incarnational Leadership.

The leader pursues shared experiences, shared plights, shared hopes, in addition to shared knowledge and tasks.

“You are made in the image of God!” How many times have we heard this? Church has taught has this, we have heard this in conferences, had it expressed in small groups but what impact does this have when we are speaking with God? Many of you are caring for those on the margins, those who could be hurt if someone did not intervene. You already share their plight, hear their hopes, and work with them to enable shalom to happen. By your choice, you are choosing to bless, care for, and stand in the gap.

This month, I invite you to reflect how your day-to-day work is a reflection on incarnational leadership. There are times when you do this well and at other times not so well. Ask God to reveal to you your times of deep connection with those you serve or work along, and where you feel His presence intensely, and the times where there is a disconnect. Where is your heart and mind in those moments of disconnect? Those moments show us places where God can bring healing to our hearts and minds. Would you invite Him in to speak to you?

Dr. Nita Kotiuga

Director of Spiritual Formation