Writers' Community - 2024 Summer Session
June 14, 2024 at 10:00am until June 14, 2024 at 11:00am Eastern

We are kindly inviting you to our upcoming quarterly call for the BGU Writers’ Community on Friday, June 14th at 7 AM Pacific Time.  

Here is the Zoom LINK.


Reimagining Structure - How to Build a Nonfiction Book that Stands Strong

 Are you stuck in the writing process because your structure keeps falling apart? Perhaps you’ve been approaching it all wrong. 

In the workshop "Reimagining Structure,” Dave Goetz and Melissa Parks, co-founders of JourneySixty6, will offer a fresh approach for structuring your nonfiction writing so that your idea doesn’t collapse as you write. You’ll come away with a better understanding of:

 ·       The purpose of structure: See structure not as a barrier, but as a way to keep your audience engaged from beginning to end and to change their thinking.

·       How to lay a solid foundation: Learn the craft of developing a thesis that acts as the cornerstone of your writing project.

·       How to build your idea with purpose: Learn the three ways you can support your idea, and how these strategies inform structure.

·       A new, flexible way of outlining. Move beyond the outlining you were taught in school and embrace the idea of movements.

 By the end of "Reimagining Structure," you'll not only have the tools to construct a robust framework for your nonfiction book but also the confidence to see your project through to completion.


Journey Sixty6 is an editorial services and creative consulting firm for family businesses and those who serve them. We guide writers through the creative journey, from idea formation to publishing. Journey Sixty6 was founded by Dave Goetz and Melissa Parks, who combined have over 60 years of publishing experience. 

 Dave is a former magazine and book editor and the author of "Death by Suburb: How to Keep the Suburbs from Killing Your Soul "(HarperOne - book on Amazon). Dave has coached hundreds of writers and served as editor for books in the area of philanthropy, leadership, spirituality and religion, legacy memoirs, and business.

Melissa is an Instagram expert, having built a large IG following (Megillicutti on Instagram). Over 25 years, she has coached numerous authors through the publishing journey, from idea formation to publication. She has also ghostwritten books for thought leaders and families as well as written scripts for and produced documentaries for families. She holds an M.A. in English Literature from Loyola University Chicago.