Decolonizing Church Partnerships - Alumni Webinar
January 20, 2022 at 6:41pm Eastern

Jesus taught us that loving God and our neighbor requires more than words; it requires being with one another, redistributing our resources, and standing on the side of the most marginalized and vulnerable ones. As we the Church universal attempt to cross socio-economic and geographic divides, we often unintentionally create/enable toxic relationships due to our lack of awareness of the dynamics at play and our own unexamined biases and trauma.  In this month’s webinar, the Rev. Dr. Taylor Denyer will speak about how colonial power structures and structural racism continue to undermine boundary-crossing church partnerships and what individuals and congregations can do to decolonize their relationships. Denyer will share examples from her personal journey as well as from the memoires of her late father, the Rev. Dr. “Biking Bob” Walters.

When: Thursday, January 20 11:30 am (Central Time)


Rev. Dr. Taylor Denyer

Ordained Elder- North Katanga Conference (DR Congo) United Methodist Church

BA/MA, International Development (American U.)

MDiv (Wesley Theological Seminary)

DTh in Missiology (Univ. of South Africa)