Alumni Association Meeting - November, 2023
November 15, 2023 at 12:00pm until November 15, 2023 at 1:00pm Eastern

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Everywhere to Everywhere - Regional Alumni Networks: Strengthening Bonds Beyond Borders

 Alumni joining the November Alumni Association Webinar on November 15, 2023 discussed the exciting idea of regional alumni networks. Attendees explored the Alumni Network Initiative, examining its definition, purpose, and the exercise of patience required for its successful implementation. They also discussed the concept of regional networks, exploring the importance of regions based on time zones, demographics, and unique characteristics and also discussed how these networks can bridge gaps, connect alumni, and contribute to the overarching mission of the institution.

The Alumni Network Initiative

 The Alumni Network Initiative is a strategic approach to connect graduates across the globe, fostering a sense of community and support. Patience is key in the implementation process, recognizing that building robust networks takes time but promises long-term benefits for both the alumni and the alma mater.

 Regional Network Concept

 The BGU Alumni Association is the vehicle for engagement with the university's mission on a global scale. Understanding the importance of regions becomes evident when considering factors such as time zones, demographics, and unique characteristics. The focus on connecting and understanding regional needs lays the foundation for successful collaboration and bridges that yield mutual benefits.

 Seeking Regional Representatives

The BGU Alumni Association is seeking dedicated individuals to serve as Regional Representatives. These representatives play a pivotal role in engaging alumni, supporting the university's mission, and creating a bridge between the institution and its graduates. Current efforts span regions such as the Caribbean, Southeast US, US Southwest, and even reaching as far as Malawi, South Africa, Asia, the Middle East, and South America.

Reviewing Duties and Responsibilities for Regional Representatives

 he duties and responsibilities of Regional Representatives are crucial for the success of the initiative. The Regional Representative Tesponsibilities document outlines the primary mission, expected length of office, board membership expectations, and various responsibilities such as alumni engagement, outreach, attendance at meetings, skill development, and acting as a bridge to the Alumni Association.

Recognizing the diversity of regions, customization of representative responsibilities can address each region's unique characteristics. The Regional Representatives Responsibilities document is an umbrella document, allowing for regional responsibilities documents tailored to regional needs while remaining aligned with the BGU Alumni Association Regional Representatives Responsibilities document. There is, therefore, the option for representatives to create unique documents addressing specific regional considerations.

The webinar attendees also discussed the frequency and timing of meetings, the duration of service, membership in the alumni association, and opt-in commitment. Clarification was provided on the election and nomination process as well as the structure and functioning of regional representation. Those who are interested in being Regional Representatives only have to contact one of the Alumni Association officers to volunteer.


Overview of Active Regions

The attendees also learned about the current regions, with a focus on achievements and plans for the Southeast Region and the Caribbean Network.

The US Southeast Region has conducted several webinars as has the Caribbean Region. The Caribbean Region is planning a prayer conference to cover nations in that region.

Communication Strategies and Response

Communication strategies, including preferences for text messages and considerations for phone contacts, were discussed. The importance of connecting with different generations and seeking response and suggestions from the alumni community was emphasized.


 The webinar was an opportunity to stress the importance of regional alumni networks in fostering a global community becomes evident. The achievements in active regions like the Southeast and the Caribbean are starting points from which we can continue expanding and strengthening these connections. The journey is ongoing, and your feedback and thoughts are invaluable in enhancing and tailoring the responsibilities for the mutual benefit of the alumni and the alma mater. Let's continue building bridges, connecting graduates, and contributing to the legacy of our alma mater.


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The next Alumni Association Meeting will take place on November 15th, 2023 at 11am Central.

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The Program Agenda is as follows:

1) The BGU Regional Network Concept:

o The US Southeast Network

o The Caribbean Network

o Texas Network

2) Regional Representatives- duties & responsibilities

3) Establishment of new regional networks globally (Africa, Europe, Asia, Canada, South America & other states)