Economics of Mutuality - Panel...

The world of business is shifting from a company-centric to a purpose-centric strategy where leaders are being asked to align multiple capitals and consider and collaborate with multiple stakeholders. Businesses that miss this shift risk becoming irrelevant.  Leaders who refuse to make the leap may be left behind in their opportunities for career growth.

The Mars Corporation, in collaboration with Saïd Business School at Oxford, has introduced a new business approach, now referred to as Economics of Mutuality (EOM), that is changing how we think about business but also how the relationship between business and non-profits is changing.

Join us on July 17 at 7 a.m. Pacific, 10 a.m. Eastern for an introductory panel discussion on what EOM is, how it is changing the way we do business, and how it will impact the field of leadership development. This will be a series of 4 discussions over the next few months so please register to stay connected and receive all future updates. REGISTRATION: LINK

Bakke Graduate University offers an Executive Masters in Business Administration based on Economics of Mutuality. If you are interested in finding out more here: LINK