The Impact of Servant Leadership on Church Health in Lekki District of Foursuare Gospel Church

by Abraham Bamigboje
September 26th, 2022

The purpose of this qualitative study was to examine the impact of servant leadership on church health in Lekki District of Foursquare Gospel Church. A survey was conducted among the pastors where I sampled the entire population of 50 pastors in Foursquare, Lekki District, covering all the 30 churches in the District. I also conducted interviews with the leadership of the Lekki District of the church. The survey questions were categorized into three broad areas: questions on community engagement, general church enquiries on servant leadership, and church health. The data collected was analyzed, and the analysis indicated a high perception of the presence of servant leadership characteristics among pastors in Lekki District. The results of the study also revealed a strong positive relationship between the level of servant leadership demonstrated by the pastors and the health of the churches they pastor. This result revealed that there is a need to organize regular training for pastors and church leaders on servant leadership to further sharpen their ministerial skills, which in turn will enhance the health of Foursquare churches in Lekki District. The results also agreed with prior studies, and it contributes significant knowledge to the body of research regarding servant leadership and church health. This study served as a foundation for future quantitative and qualitative research to investigate further the relationship between servant leadership and church health in different denominations, locations, demographics, and contexts of the Nigerian society.