The Impact of Christian Spirituality of Christian Leaders to Be Transformational and Innovative in Making Effective and Resilient Disciples of Jesus Christ in an African Context

by Bekele Bedada Tulu
June 2nd, 2023

This research explored the impact of Christian spirituality on Christian leaders to be transformational and innovative in making effective and resilient disciples of Jesus Christ in the African context. The context for this research is Christian leaders who invest their lives in leading, training, and equipping disciples, and leading organizations or churches that are committed to transforming lives of their communities. A survey was Conducted in individual interviews, while data was gathered using a qualitative and quantitative study that addressed the impact of spirituality to create transformation and innovative leaders.

            This study will be an answer to a cry for transformational and innovative Christian leadership in making effective and resilient disciples of Jesus Christ in the African context that helps to transform the current condition in Africa. My study explored the role of Christian spirituality and how it touches deeper to the soul and spirit of a leader. In turn, the leader is transformed into an innovative, effective, and resilient disciple maker that transfers the same kind of effective and resilient life in their disciples as they are reaching out to others. Christian spirituality in the context of Africa should be maximized to bring transformation and innovation, and thus create a new value that will serve others. According to the findings from the study, African Christian Leaders (ACLs) are influenced by their immediate culture and African traditional spiritual activities, which many of them are aware that they need change required through the Word and Power of God. The transformational goal for this research to introduce ACLs need to think in a new way: they need to include an accountability group with whom they can deepen their own spiritual life, and they need to reframe innovative approaches to discipleship lessons and processes.