Searching for Calling – A Community-Centred Calling Approach

by Hong Yi Goh
June 1st, 2024
The community-centered calling (CCC) approach addresses the intersection of calling and community, emphasizing the intrinsic relationship between individual purpose and communal context. Grounded in theological principles, psychological assessments, and cultural dynamics, CCC recognizes community as essential to discerning one’s calling, challenging prevailing notions that view community solely as a supporting tool for discernment. Drawing from theological perspectives on the Triune God’s communal nature and integrating insights from fields such as the theology of work, giftedness, and collective culture, CCC proposes a holistic framework that enriches individuals already clear in their calling while providing a structured process applicable for those who are still searching.
To develop and validate CCC, action research methodology was employed, engaging 21 participants from the Singapore Christian community. Through collaborative co-creation sessions, the CCC approach was refined to ensure theological soundness, practical applicability, and efficiency in administration. Results indicate that CCC
offers comparable outcomes to other existing calling frameworks while emphasizing community as integral to the discernment process. Key features of CCC include its quick administration, theological foundation, and alignment with participants’ calling outcomes. By centering on community, CCC not only expands the understanding of calling but also provides a framework that resonates with individuals navigating their callings within communal contexts.
This research contributes to the discourse on calling by affirming the significance of community in discerning and living out one’s purpose, challenging traditional paradigms that overlook this vital dimension. Future studies could explore the implementation of CCC across diverse cultural and racial contexts, further enhancing its applicability and