Friend to Friend Counseling

by Wayde I. Goodall
August 26th, 2023
This manuscript is intended to serve as a tool to enable Christian people to better help their friends through counseling: “What do I need to know in order to help my friend with his problem?” This project is a book manuscript written in popular, non-technical style. The goal for the manuscript is that it would be used by Christian people who desire to become more informed and motivated to help others through counseling. It is not my intent that the manuscript be used as a technical-teaching manual for graduate students, although the its use on that level is not impossible. Problems in people’s lives are complex and diverse. However, it is my opinion that God has answers to people’s problems, and He desires to use Christians to help people with their needs, whether they be spiritual, physical, or emotional. This manuscript will be a tool for Christians as they endeavor to help others. It is also the purpose of this manuscript to be an encouraging reference book that one can turn to when desiring to counsel a friend.