Developing a Transformational Leadership Model for Malaysia Marketplace Ministry for Human Flourishing & Cultural Impact

by Felicia Pei Shan Ang
June 26th, 2021
The purpose of this project is to show why and how Marketplace Ministries (MPM) in Malaysia can better contextualize their organizations to promote community transformation. Through surveys and one-on-one interviews with local practitioners and stakeholders, the research identified three significant gaps in their existing praxis. First, there is a separation of church and work; second, there is a lack of understanding on the definition and context of MPM; and lastly, they need guidance and clarity in the practical application of aligning leadership to organizational effectiveness. These issues highlighted the need for leaders to be more aware and sensitive to the ‘call’ of God for their lives in a holistic sense.
This paper proposes a transformational strategy that puts theology of work and stewardship as the core of personal transformation. Understanding “work” as a blessing rather than a burden unlocks one’s primary identity as a co-redeemer with Christ, whereby work is always thought to enhance the community and culture in such a way that brings everyone closer to God. The framework integrates tenets of transformational and servant leadership to establish “The Soul of Leadership” mindset and heart posture. Through serving, uplifting, and influencing others to greater autonomy, the leader embodies the
essence of God’s love for His creations. Furthermore, the framework also emphasizes the importance of lifelong learning within people and organizations, which creates accountability pertaining to one’s growth and alignment with their vision, mission, and core values. The transformational strategy was delivered through workshops and small groups with positive results, indicated by the participant’s self-reported improvements and continuous engagement in the programs for ongoing learning. The overarching message is that a leader who manages their organizations with care, clarity, conviction, and continuous aspiration for growth is the catalyst for human flourishing and thriving communities.