Celebrating New Partnerships

God is always doing something new. That’s true in our own personal lives, and true in community and organizational life, as well. God is doing so many new and exciting things at BGU. Partnerships have been a foundational part of BGU’s growth since its inception, as we exist to serve networks of leaders with world class higher education delivered in innovative ways. We are so thankful for the partnerships that have expanded BGU’s influence around the world, and we are excited that the Lord seems to be opening up many new doors to creative collaboration in various regions of the globe.

BGU has officially entered into a new partnership with Comunidad de Estudios Teologicos Interdisciplinarios (CETI) to offer MATL courses in Spanish. The first cohort of students from CETI took the Vida Profesional y Vocacion (Personal Assessment) course with Dr. Nina Balmaceda in the April module. In true BGU global style, the first course attracted students from throughout Latin America including Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Peru, Colombia, and Argentina. Next up, the students will take Liderazgo para la Transformacion (Transformational Leadership) in the July 2021 module with Dr. Joel Aguilar, a BGU graduate who has been very instrumental in helping to organize this new partnership. The CETI team includes world class professors and a support team who do an incredible job with translation, e-learning support, admissions, registration, and student services. The BGU team has done a great job with developing and implementing this initiative with the complexities involved in creating a program in a new language.

Speaking of offering courses in new languages, BGU is also partnering with a group of leaders from Korea to offer MATL and DTL courses in Korean. The BGU Korean Program is on pace to launch toward the end of 2021 with a cohort of new students. The first course, Personal Assessment, will be taught by a BGU graduate, Dr. BK Park, Dr. Sunil Kim and BGU Board of Regents member, Dr. Jewel Hyun, have also been key members of the team that is organizing the BGU Korean Program. Danielle Choi will be working with BGU to implement the details of the program including support with recruitment, admissions, registration, and ongoing student services. We are excited to welcome her to the BGU. And, we’re really looking forward to welcoming our first cohort of Korean speaking students into the BGU family.

These two new partnerships are just two of the exciting opportunities that BGU is working on. There are ongoing discussions with several additional organizations in other parts of the world. Are you interested, or do you know of anyone, who might be interested in partnering with BGU for certificates or with any of BGU’s five graduate level programs? A partnership begins with reaching out to me at my email, bryan.mccabe@bgu.edu, and we can explore the possibilities. Who knows what new thing God might do next?

 Dr. Bryan McCabe

Academic Dean