Calling-Based Leadership Prayer - August 2022

Are you sometimes struggling to see your faith and prayer life as a unit in your academic studies?

As humans we are called to relationship with God. When we limit this relationship to a quiet time or Sundays at church or Bible Study and don’t invite God to speak into what our minds are occupied with during the rest of the day, we create an artificial secular/sacred divide. Often, just as we close our Bibles, we close our expectations that God speaks to our day in small ways. God calls us to work with him in areas he is already at work. He calls out to us and invites us to use our gifts, talents, abilities, and learnings. Calling-Based Leadership is present when we offer our gifts and talents to bring shalom to others as we respond to his calling on our lives. We are to develop our gifts and talents so that they are tools of Shalom to all the world, each of us in the space and with the influence God has given us.

Ask God to help you understand what you are learning so that you may grow, ask Him to help you hear His voice clearer so that you may walk in the way of the sacred in your whole life. As you do, may our Father bless you with understanding and a deeper love for Him and what matters to Him.