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About the New Urban World Journal

The New Urban World Journal has been in circulation since 2012. Starting as an expression of the International Society of Urban Mission (ISUM), the journal was handed to Urban Shalom Publishing in 2017. Now in 2023, the journal is being restarted as a partnership between Centre for Building Better Community (CBBC) and Bakke Graduate University (BGU). Despite the various iterations of the journal, it has remained true to its original purpose. In the context of a rapidly urbanizing world, the journal provides a space for faith informed reflection on how to overcome some of the most pressing roadblocks to the creation of shalom. The journal is a platform for faith informed scholars, practitioners, and leader to share their thoughts, perspectives, stories and experiences on this journey.

Typically an edition will consist of:

o 4-5 major articles of 4000 words which will be peer reviewed

o 5-7 columns of 800 words each on various reflections from practitioners and leaders

o Reviews and creative expression which can include reflections on books, films or music, as well as poetry or photo essays

Theme of the February 2024 Edition:

Cities and Climate Change

Climate change is perhaps the most pressing existential crisis that faces us today. From rising sea levels to deforestation, air pollution, persistent heatwaves and floods, the effect on our urban environments is comprehensive and multi-layered. Whilst climate change needs to be looked at holistically, with the majority of the population living in cities an urban lens on the effects and potential resiliencies and solutions needs to be explored. As well, with increased temperatures and persistent natural disasters, we need to be aware of the effects of climate change on urban slums and informal settlements. With all this in mind, what lens does our faith give us to view these issues and the potential solutions?

In this edition we’d like to explore questions such as; How does climate change effect mental and physical health? As people of faith what mandates are given throughout Scripture that can guide us in our responses? What are the effects of climate change on the built environment and how can cities be retro-fitted or better planned to mitigate these effects? What relief can happen at a community level? How can communities work together to meet their changing needs? How is food security effected and what can be done to ensure all people in urban environments have access to sufficient food and water?

NUWJ is looking for well researched articles (as well as stories) that present a problem or a nagging question, reflect on this from a faith perspective and move towards a practical outcome.


Word Length:

Feature Article – 4000

Column – 800

Review – 500

Please use APA 7th referencing, which is in text referencing, as well as a reference list / bibliography.

Please also use American English. And for any photos minimum 300DPI at 15cm width.

Abstracts / Pitches Due – Friday 6th October 2023

Full Articles Due – Wednesday 1st November 2023


Dr. Andre Van Eymeren


WhatsApp: +61 400 002 172

Dr. Brian Jennings


WhatsApp: +233 205 043 993

Please feel free to contact any of the co-editors if you have any questions.