Viral Leadership by Richard Nongard

Viral Leadership by Richard Nongard

Viral Leadership is lasting and creates a legacy of related ideas, projects, and solutions. These innovative ideas are sustainable and can even transform far beyond their original purpose. In this book, you will master the actionable strategies in the Four Quadrants of Viral Leadership and harness the power of now to create lasting change.

There are two distinct themes you are going to notice throughout this book. First, that business is perhaps one of the most magnificent creations of all time. And second, that effective leadership is viral in nature. Viral Leadership ignites others, it creates innovation, and it continues to build upon itself. It creates a culture of engagement, not just among the executive, but at every level.

Viral Leadership is your pathway to seizing the moment, and potentially impacting billions of people with something that changes every aspect of life. Viral Leadership is important because it produces true freedom. It frees a leader from being the sole source of power and from being reliant on their own, limited resources.

The biggest takeaway is the value of connection. It’s one thing to lead, it’s another thing for your leadership go viral! You will discover how to inspire others to share your message as you read this book.

Are you ready to seize this moment? To go to the next level? Are you ready to lead others, innovate ideas, and make your mark in either a new business or well-established business? Then this is the guidebook for you and your leadership team.

Dr. Richard Nongard

He is a licensed psychotherapist, which means his formal training is in problem-solving. By applying the principles of effective communication, rapport building and leadership development – he is uniquely qualified to train leaders. Good leadership training goes beyond motivating platitudes and stories of success. Good sales training is predicated on the science of what really works to create an engaging relationship with potential customers who then become committed buyers.

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