Urban Shalom and the Cities We Need

Urban Shalom and the Cities We Need

Urban Shalom and the Cities we Need picks up the themes discussed at the 2016 Gospel and the Future of Cities summit and reflects on their connection to the New Urban Agenda, which was ratified at Habitat III.

In these pages, you will hear from practitioners, leaders, and academics as they lead you in reflection on some of the major issues facing all urban environments  From years of experience the authors offer very practical tools on discipleship, urban planning, and land use, community development and responding to the poor.

It is our hope that their reflections and tools will enable you and your networks to engage in crucial conversations with others about the physical and social development of your neighborhoods, communities, and cities. And that together we can all work on the creation of great spaces and places that reflect God's desire for us all to experience shalom.

Writers:  Ash Barker, Chris Elisara, Viv Griggs, Michael A Mata, Bryan McCabe, Chris Miller, Evelyn Miranda-Feliciano, Mary Nelson & Andre Van Eymeren.

Dr. Bryan McCabe, a Bakke University graduate (DTL, 2012)  worked with a team from Urban Shalom Publishing to write and edit a new book called Urban Shalom and the Cities We Need. It’s available in paperback on Amazon.