The Playground Leader: Life-Changing ABC's for the Whole Family by Dr. Autumn Swain

The Playground Leader: Life-Changing ABC's for the Whole Family by Dr. Autumn Swain

Developing our children as leaders for today through holistic character formation

One third of our global population is under 20 years old. Imagine the impact that having our youth engaged as leaders for today would have collectively on our society. Imagine the significant increase in innovation, collaboration, and well-being we’d witness if there was an intentional focus on holistic character and leadership development in our youth.

Dr. Autumn Swain's inspiration for her debut book The Playground Leader is rooted in her understanding that one of the greatest assets of any community are its leaders—of all ages. Her Doctorate in Transformational Leadership was grounded in her knowledge and conviction that the holistic well-being of leaders and their communities is essential for a leader's continued growth and positive impact.

Having worked for years with youth and families in a grassroots non-profit organization, Autumn believes in leadership development among young people and the value of cross-cultural and cross-sector collaboration. She is also a mom, wife, devoted community member, the founder of the blog “Seeing Color”, and creator of the training and consulting organization “The Aligned Leader”.

In The Playground Leader, Autumn offers a transformative approach to developing our young people as leaders for today. Too often we speak of youth development as a strategy for preparing children for the future, but we should be forming them into the leaders they were meant to be today. This thought-provoking, deeply inspired book will not only equip and transform young people, but it will leave its mark on the adult reader too. When we show up our best, our children will be better for it.

The Playground Leader is required reading for parents who want to see their children flourish now as leaders in their homes, at school, and in the world. So much of our educational spaces focus its energy into teaching academia, often overlooking the importance of foundational leadership skills and character-building principles.

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