The Jesus Principles by Dr. Joseph Mattera

The Jesus Principles by Dr. Joseph Mattera

“Are you looking for a book to refresh your relationship with Jesus? Do you want to rekindle your fire for following Christ? Are you new to the Christian faith and want to go deeper faster in your growth? “The Jesus Principles” by Dr. Joseph Mattera is an incredible tool in your hand that will help you to do all of the above.

Dr. Mattera has done it again, with this powerful and practical book that will challenge and empower you in your walk with Christ! As a pastor, I want to put a copy of this book in the hand of every long-time member as well as first-time attenders of my church (and you will too)! You need to read “The Jesus Principles” and so does every other Christ-follower you know!”
Dr. Greg Williamson
Lead Pastor, Valley Christian Church
President, Connexus Leadership Network

“Bishop Joe has done it again. He has written a book that is both biblically strong and speaks to this present moment of where the church is at and needs to be. “The Jesus Principles” will refocus and release you to get back to the main work of changing the world, which is through authentic relationship and intentional discipleship. This book helps to reclaim the church’s true mission which is a Jesus movement that invests in people rather than programs. It is both practical and inspirational. I recommend it for pastors, church leaders, marketplace leaders, and all followers of Jesus who want to make disciples.”
John Hammer
Senior Pastor, Sonrise Christian Center
Co-Founder, Represent Movement

Dr. Joseph Mattera
Dr. Joseph Mattera

Dr. Joseph Mattera is an internationally-known author, consultant, and theologian whose mission is to influence leaders who influence culture. He is the founding pastor of Resurrection Church and leads several organizations, including The U.S. Coalition Of Apostolic Leaders and Christ Covenant Coalition. Dr. Mattera is the author of 11 popular books and is renowned for applying Scripture to contemporary culture.