The Effectiveness of DRAMA As A Medium of Transformation by Wole Adeyi

The Effectiveness of DRAMA As A Medium of Transformation by Wole Adeyi

Based on the popularity of drama as a communication method in the current Western culture, the church should consider taking drama ministry more seriously as an effective means of mission evangelism and to counter the incursion of unbiblical worldviews that can be produced by secular media sources. Alternative forms of entertainment are needed for people who have become accustomed to watching drama and movies. If people are not fed with the bread of life, heavenly inspired gospel drama/movies, they will feed on the bread of sorrow, secular entertainment that has nothing to offer their spirits. 

Author, Wole Adeyi, is a quiet, easy-going, and unassuming Christian leader, a holder of double Masters’ Degree, so passionate in soul winning for God and very engrossed in Christian drama, with the ‘behind-the-stage’ production of famous Christian movies which has become familiar films being watched in most homes of Africans, mostly Nigerians and Black Americans in the United States, Canada, and Nigeria. He was led through the power of the Holy Ghost to have established ‘The Flaming Sword Ministries International’, with the pay-off line: ‘We Act in Faith.’

Ever after, he has not looked back, since the journey has become a successful one daily as being led by God Almighty. In America and Canada, he’s widely described as ‘Unseen hand behind Flaming Sword Ministries International (FSM).’ His Christian drama, very inspiring has blessed homes, lives, and turn destinies around; showcasing the efficacy of prayers and miracles only God can perform.



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